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Compliance Policies & Reports

Bargaining Agreement

Collective Bargaining Agreement 22-25

Employee Handbooks

HSCSED Employee Handbook

Paraprofessional Handbook

Financial Information

FY23 Amended Operating Budget

FY22 Audited Financial Statement

FY24 Salary Report

FOIA Information

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

FOIA Request Form

Codes & Policies

Behavioral Interventions Policy

ISBE 23 Illinois Administrative Code 226

Policy #8 Articles of Joint Agreement

Table of Contents Implimenting Policy #46

Rules & Regulations Implementing Policy #46

Personnel Policy #46

Policy #48 Special Education Procedures

School or Program Visitation Policy #51

ExCEL Bullying Policy

Personal Tech & Social Media Policy


Life skills Placement

Occupational & P/T Services in Illinois

Certified Seniority list (23-24)

Non-Certified Seniority list (23-24)

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