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Founded in 1968, Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District #801 in Illinois encompasses eight member districts in Henry and Stark Counties. This cooperative is designed to enhance educational opportunities through increased cooperation and coordination among the districts. Governance is provided by an Executive and Governing Board composed of one Board of Education member from each district, which manages funding applications, receipts, and administration. Key operational roles include District Superintendents, Special Education Coordinators, Building Principals, and central office staff.

As a support hub, the district offers consultation and coordination on financial issues, compliance with state and federal regulations, and broader aspects of special education. Its services are inclusive, available to all eligible students regardless of race, sex, national origin, or disability, and span from age three to twenty-two.


We encompass instructional, therapeutic, and diagnostic services across local and regional programs. Specific offerings include Early Childhood Education Programs for children three to five years old, and specialized programs for students with hearing impairments, visual impairments, multiple disabilities, severe behavioral disorders, and needs for occupational and physical therapy.

The district also conducts preschool screenings, assessing vision, hearing, speech/language, behavior, and motor skills to identify any learning barriers. Additionally, it provides centralized instructional programs and supports students with speech and language needs from pre-k and up. All these efforts aim to facilitate enhanced educational outcomes for students with special needs within the member districts.

Location & Contact

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Map Henry-Stark Location

Henry-Stark Admin Office

1318 W 6th Street

PO Box 597

Kewanee, IL 61443

P: 309-852-5696 or 1-866-396-4555

Fax: 309-853-4398 (Email Preferred)

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Office Hours

Monday- Friday 8am-4pm

Office Follows a Combination of all District School Calendars in Addition to a Summer Schedule

- Closed on all Federal Holidays

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