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About Us

  • Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District was established in 1968 as a joint special education cooperative consisting of 8 member districts in the Illinois Counties of Henry, Stark, and Bureau. The purpose of Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District #801 is to provide student educational opportunities by increasing cooperation and coordination among the member districts. This has been accomplished through the creation of an Executive and Governing Board, which applies, receives, and administers funding on behalf of the member districts. A Governing Board composed of one Board of Education member from each school district governs the Entity. District Superintendents, Coordinators of Special Education, Building Principals, and central office staff play an important part in the operation of this centralized Special Education District. The Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District is a support system to the local districts and provides consultation and coordination on financial matters, compliance with state and federal rules or regulations, and other general special education areas. The cooperative was reorganized in July of 2005 becoming a single entity providing services for the 8 remaining member districts.

    All program services of Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District #801 and the member school districts are open to all students who are eligible regardless of race, sex, national origin, or disability.

    Special programs include services to children from age three to age twenty-one with varying types of disabilities. Services for special needs students are provided in local district programs, inter-district programs, and regional programs. The Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District provides a variety of instructional, therapeutic,

    and diagnostic services to eligible students within the member districts.

    To learn more about the needs of disabled children and the free services provided in your area:

    • Attend in-services and informational programs sponsored by the Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District and the local school district.

    • When you attend open house at school, visit the special education program.

    • Encourage friends and neighbors to participate in the preschool screenings in local districts. Take your own children to be screened or volunteer to help.

    • Help with the Special Olympics program or scouting and other youth groups for the disabled.

    Mission and Vision

    The Entity of special and related services is a team of dedicated individuals working for the continuous improvement of education and services for all students. We believe that we can make a positive difference in the quality of life by providing exceptional service to students, educators, and schools. Our ongoing goal and function of this Entity is to improve learning.