About Us-Our Program

    Program Overview:
    The goal of ExCEL School is to provide educational services and therapeutic treatment that will enable a student to function within less restrictive environments in a productive and positive way.  Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District #801 on behalf of its eight member districts operates the ExCEL Program.  ExCEL serves students in grades K-12,  Each student is offered instruction in the core subject areas of math, language arts, science, social studies, social skills and physical education.  Other subjects may be taught based upon student need.  The primary function of ExCEL School is to help students learn to manage their behavior.  ExCEL School also assists students in preparation for future educational or employment opportunities. 
    Vision Statement:
    ExCEL is a school in which students are provided the opportunity and experience to become successful and productive citizens within their community.  This is achieved by offering an engaging curriculum that integrates positive community involvement, academics and character development in a caring and empathic atmosphere.
    Mission Statement:
    The mission of ExCEL is to provide students an opportunity to fulfill their potential academically, emotionally, physically and socially while promoting personal responsibility and self-advocacy in a caring and empathic atmosphere.  
    The Level System:
    The level system is an integral part of ExCEL School.  Each student's behavioral progress is monitored daily and this progress enables the students to move through the Level System toward possible re-integration at their resident district.