Special Education Programs



    Early Children Education Program

    Children ages three to five that have identified disabilities may attend a program located in the Kewanee or Geneseo School Districts. 


    Hearing Impaired Program

    If a student is unable to understand, develop language or unable to achieve in school because of hearing loss he/she is eligible for special services.

    Local District Programs

    Local District/Resource programs are designed to serve special needs students with greater needs. The Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District operates the inter-district programs for the benefit of all member districts.


    Multiply Disabled Program

    Students with physical or multiple disabilities so severe that the impairment interferes with their learning are eligible for this program.


    Occupational Therapy

    Evaluation and consultation is available for students in either inter-district or local district programs if the therapy need is educationally related.


    Physical Therapy

    In addition to the physical therapy provided for students enrolled in inter-district programs, the Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District provides evaluations and home/school programs for other identified students.


    Preschool Screening

    All local school districts provide a preschool screening in the spring of each school year. Each child is screened for potential vision, hearing, speech/language, behavior, developmental delays, or motor problems that may interfere with the child's ability to learn. Referrals for more intensive evaluations come from these local screenings. Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District has a team of individuals trained to assess students age three to five.  


    Professional Development

    The Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District offers a variety of consultant services to all member districts.


    Self-Contained Programs

    If a student is unable to achieve within the home district, a centralized instructional program is available. 


    Severely Behavior Disordered Program

    Children whose behavior problems are so severe that they cannot reasonably be educated in local districts or inter-district programs may be eligible.


    Speech/Language Therapy

    Speech and Language services are provided by the Henry-Stark Counties Special Education District. Students are screened in kindergarten upon initial enrollment in the public school. Services are provided in the local school district and inter-district programs.